The development of renewable energy abounds with worldwide research effort. Chemical bonds present as powerful intermediates for the storage and relaxation of excess energy from intermittent sources such as wind and solar. In pursuit of high energy conversion efficiency, the development of catalysts minimizing the energy barriers is essential. Our lab seeks active electrocatalysts for the synthesis of valuable fuel and chemicals with electricity as driving forces, such as CO2 reduction, water splitting, and chemical commodities production; and the relaxation of energy via fuel cell technology, underscoring the alcohol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions.

Research Interests

We synthesize functional materials. The research topics include the rational design of catalysts that improve the energy conversion efficiency, and the development of new methodologies for materials synthesis that simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the cost.

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  • Congrats to Jianjun's recent publication in Energy & Environmental Science!


  • Congrats to Song Yun and Libei's recent publication in Applied catalysis B and ACS AMI, respectively!


  • Congrats to Weihua on receiving the CityU Presidential PhD Scholarship!

  • We welcome Yubing, Le and Wehua to join us!


  • Congrats to Libei's recent work on laser-induced graphene published in ACS Nano and Nano-Micro Letters!

  • We welcome Xiaohu (new graduate), Yat Man (UG student), and Tsz Wing (UG student) to join us!


  • SONG Yun, a PhD student, joined our lab. Welcome!

  • Congrats to Dr. Zhang's review article on Materials Today! 


  • We welcome four MSc students, Siyu (x2), Yang and Yeuk Sze, to join our lab. 

  • Graphene at fifteen! See our Perspective at ACS Nano.

2019-08 We won The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/ Researchers 2019 (3 awardees worldwide)

2019-06 SU Jianjun joined our lab. Welcome!