News & Events


  • Congrats to Jianjun's recent publication in Energy & Environmental Science!


  • Congrats to Song Yun and Libei's recent publication in Applied catalysis B and ACS AMI, respectively!


  • Congrats to Weihua on receiving the CityU Presidential PhD Scholarship!

  • We welcome Yubing, Le and Wehua to join us!


  • Congrats to Libei's recent work on laser-induced graphene published in ACS Nano and Nano-Micro Letters!

  • We welcome Xiaohu (new graduate), Yat Man (UG student), and Tsz Wing (UG student) to join us!


  • SONG Yun, a PhD student, joined our lab. Welcome!

  • Congrats to Dr. Zhang's review article on Materials Today! 


  • We welcome four MSc students, Siyu (x2), Yang and Yeuk Sze, to join our lab. 

  • Graphene at fifteen! See our Perspective at ACS Nano.


We won The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2019 (3 awardees worldwide)


SU Jianjun joined our lab. Welcome!


  • Our collaborative work for latent bloodstain visualization using AIEgen was accepted by ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Congrats to Zhaoyu!

  • Our collaborative work entitled "In-situ monitoring apoptosis process by a self-reporting photosensitizer" was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc., Congrats to Tianfu!


  • Undergraduate student Ka Yiu joined our lab. Welcome! 

  • Our collaborative work entitled "Electronic Tuning of Cobalt Porphyrins Immobilized on Nitrogen-Doped Graphene for CO2 Reduction" was published in ACS Applied Energy Materials.


  • Libei's co-author paper "Covalently Grafted Cobalt Porphyrin on Carbon Nanotube for Efficient CO2 Electroreduction" was accepted to Angewandte Chemie, congratulation!

  • Ms. HUANG, Libei Joined the Ye-lab. Welcome!


Ruquan Ye's progress report "Laser‐Induced Graphene: From Discovery to Translation " was published on Adv. Mater.


Dr. Ruquan Ye joined the Department of Chemistry at CityU.